Maximizing Exercise Benefits: 7 Food Choices To Avoid After A Workout

Having appropriate post-workout meals is just as important as a having a good exercise routine. Choosing the wrong kind of foods to eat right after your workout session can not only put most of your exercising efforts to waste, but also lead to negative and potentially dangerous health effects. Do yourself a favor and learn the 7 food item categories you need to steer clear of right after working out:

1. Fatty food: cheeseburgers, French fries, chili-dogs, and other high-fat or fast-food snacks

Just because you just burned some several hundred calories doesn’t mean you have permission to indulge in fatty foods, trusting your running metabolism can still catch up with the additional load. Fatty snacks and oily foods, especially those you can order in fast food joints, are likely to slow your digestion instead of hastening it as a result of your physical activity, and also increase your levels of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, putting you at a higher risk for heart disease.

2. Salty snacks: bacon, pizza, potato chips

It’s not unnatural to have a taste for salty food right after having strenuous physical activity, but eating salty snacks that provide your body with excess salt can harmfully disrupt your body’s water-salt balance. Excessive sodium intake from consumption of salty food can make you retain excess water, causing you to feel bloated. If you really have a craving for potato chips right after working out, make sure you select a baked variety made of whole grains and opt for the unsalted or lightly salted kind.

3. Raw vegetables: carrot sticks, broccoli, celery

Okay, veggies are healthy food. But they’re considered a no-no after an exercise session because they’re not enough to replenish you as a post-workout recovery food. With their minimal calorie content, those healthful carrot and celery sticks can’t restore your energy and power a healthy metabolic rate. If you want to have them as a post-workout snack, consume them dipped in protein-packed nut butters, yoghurt, or humus to make them more substantial.

4. Soda and fruit drinks

While you may most likely be thirsty and hungry right after your workout session, drinking up cans and bottles of sweetened beverages and sugary sports drinks is not such a good idea to replenish your lost fluids. Loaded on sugar, they slow your metabolism and reverse the good effect exercise just had on your body’s energy release and utilization processes. To replenish your lost fluids and electrolytes, reach instead for a bottle of plain water along with a potassium-rich banana.

5. Pastries and other baked goods

Pastries and doughnuts may look like scrumptious after-workout tummy-fillers, but they’re actually low-quality carbohydrates that carry a lot of fat and have the potential to increase your risk of having clogged arteries in the long run. Instead of relying on these carbs for a good post-workout snack, opt instead to go for dry fruits or whole wheat toast if you’re craving for some bread.

6. Milk chocolate and other sweets

Sweets such as caramels and gummies, as well as milk chocolate, are high in calories and sugar, and result to brief bursts to energy when consumed but don’t really give your body anything of much value right after a workout. They don’t contain the nutrients you need to recharge after a high level of physical activity, so avoid the temptation to indulge for a sugar rush and reserve your appetite for more healthful choices.

7. High-sugar energy bars

Energy bars can fuel you the energy you need before a workout, but after a workout? They’re not as advisable as you think. Packed with simple sugars that can lead to a sluggish metabolism and high in calories that can result to the formation of fat, energy bars are in fact not the ideal post-workout snack many people perceive them to be.

So while many of the food items on this list may have seemed as good post-workout food options for you before, now that you know their true effects on your body, you know better. Have you been eating any of these food items right after working out before? How do you intend to change your post-workout eating habits to follow a healthier routine starting now?

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