6 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Cheating In A Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationship is pretty common. But does this type relationship work?

Whether he’s working outside the US or within the country, there’s a big chance he’ll cheat on you. LDR (Long Distance Relationship) will give men several opportunities to sleep with another woman.

No matter how beautiful their girlfriends are, they’re still tempted to have an affair with another woman as they know their girls aren’t there to witness it.

When it comes to LDR, you and your partner have to make a special commitment to make this work.

However, you must also consider that women are everywhere. Your boyfriend might find someone while you’re far away from him. But how can you tell he’s really having an affair?

Here’s a list of signs that can tell if your boyfriend is seeing someone else and having romance with her.

1. Change in your communication line

Before, he’d Skype you every day and night. He’d reply to your messages immediately. He’d also answer your calls and emails.

Now that he’s found someone else, you can no longer contact him as often as you want.

All of a sudden, he can’t be bothered. And when he calls you, the conversation seems lacking of quality and always brief. This is a sure sign that he’s changed and losing interest in the relationship.

2. Has unpredictable mood swings

He’ll find reason not to talk to you. So he’ll either be angry instantly or be overly nice.

This is a red flag and should be treated seriously. This is especially true if he’ll say that he needs time to be alone by himself.

3. Give an excuse

Lately, he’s been full of excuses. If you ask him to turn on his webcam while the two of you are talking, he’ll come up with an excuse, such as he’s too tired or busy.

If you’re already begging him to hang out with you online, then it’s a warning sign he’s having an affair. Keep in mind that if he really misses you, he’ll spend time with you no matter how busy his schedule is.

4. Doesn’t talk about the future

Couples in this type of relationship do talk about their future together. One of the signs he’s no longer interested in your relationship because he’s already found someone else is that he no longer talks about your future.

The conversations about getting married and having kids have been stopped.

5. No longer uses endearing nicknames

Your cheating boyfriend is no longer addressing you as his “honey bunch,” “teddy bear,” “my love” and other endearing nicknames because he’s already using it to another person.

These nicknames aren’t only fun but they help couples feel closer to each other no matter the distance they’ve to deal with.

If he stops you those sweet yet silly names, then you could really say that he’s having an affair.

6. Change in appearance

After only a few days of not seeing each other online, you notice that his appearance has been changed rapidly.

What’s the reason behind his new hair? His new type of clothing? His overall body? He’s been trying to impress someone and he needs to change his appearance.

Unfortunately, it’s not you he wants to impress.

These warning signs aren’t the only signs that could tell you he’s been cheating on you. There are other ways that could help you uncover the truth about him. If your inner voice is telling you that there’s something fishy going on in his life, then you better listen to it and find out. But don’t start confronting him without first digging the truth.

He might be hiding something from you but it’s not about cheating. It could be that he’s planning to propose to you. No matter what you do, you should first find proof.

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