7 Best Dating Shakeup Tips

It’s every person’s dream to go out on a first date where both parties hit it off immediately. Men and women alike feel petrified about first dates as it can be quite uncomfortable sometimes.

But did you know that even people that have been out on several dates can still have an awkward night?

All of us have been to dates that may have held some promise at the start but have turned more depressingas the minutes passed.

What do you do at this point? Well, you can try to exert more effort in making the night more bearable and more fun for both of you. Or you can just make up some excuse and cut the date short. But before you make any hasty decisions, give your date a chance and try these wonderful tips on how to kill awkward dates.

1. Relax.

Many uncomfortable dates are caused by the man or the woman feeling too nervous. And if you’re too nervous, you may sweat a lot, stutter, spill your drink, and have little accidents that can make you feel more uncomfortable.

Just relax.

Remember that you’re on a date and are here to have some fun. You’re not here to get married or to make a lifetime commitment with your date. A date is not a job interview too. So relax and let the night take its course.

2. Pay attention and show genuine interest.

Don’t you notice it when people ask you something and seem to be interested but when you start answering their question, you see that they’re distracted and may not actually be listening to what you’re saying? This could mean that the person asking is not really interested in the answer but is just inquiring to make conversation.

When you do ask your date about his or her job or about anything at all, you should listen when they answer. Pay attention to what your date is saying.

I cannot stress this enough. For instance, if you’ve asked your date what she does for a living about five times that night, she will eventually notice that you’re not really listening to her and she may not feel very talkative the next time you ask about something else. She will clam up, lose interest in you too, and may even get angry at you, and this can make your night very, very awkward.

So to avoid this, why don’t you ask questions that you’re really interested about? That way, you will listen to your date with genuine interest.

Who knows, you may learn some new information from his or her answer.Don’t ask about the weather in her hometown or where she bought her bag.

Instead ask about the things she likes to do. It’s also true that when people see genuine interest in the other person, he or she will feel more comfortable to open up and talk about stuff.

3. Open up.

If you feel that your date and you are relating on some levels, don’t be afraid to open up and share some of your life. If you tell him or her similar experiences that you had, your relationship can advance as you now have kindred spirit.

4. Choose a good location.

The location can really affect the outcome of your date. If you’re planning a romantic dinner date, then pick out a good restaurant that offers great food and ambiance.

Choose a quiet place if you want to talk privately and if that’s what your date wants. However, if your date easily gets bored in a quiet place, then you can go to a place that offers food while a band plays in the background.

And if she enjoys comedy, then take her to a comedy bar. You can avoid awkward dates by choosing the appropriate locations for your date.

5. Plan your date activities.

Awkward dates can result from the lack of planning. So who will do the planning? Both the man and the woman can do it, but it’s generally the person that asked for a date who plans for the night’s activities.

What do you want to do for your date tonight? Is it a short date? If so, a drink or two will suffice. Or is it a full date? That can include a drink and dinner.

You can also plan to go to a movie together and then have dinner after. Perhaps, you can go dancing. It’s really up to you to choose the activities for your date. You don’t have to sit at a table all night looking at your date’s face and wondering what to say next.

6. Call friends.

Group dates are very good ways to kill awkward dates. The presence of other people can make you and your date feel more comfortable.

There are more people to talk to and more topics to talk about. In addition, group dates can be fun as it generally involves activities that can be enjoyed by many people such as board games, charades, and karaoke.

So if you feel that you and your date are not ready to be alone, call up some of your couple friends and have fun together.

But be sure to introduce your date to your friends and not neglect her throughout the night. This is still a date after all.

7. Call it a night.

When you have done all that you can but your date is still going sour, then it might be the time to call it a night. After all, not all dates can be perfect.

There might also be other elements affecting your date such as sickness, problems at work or at home, and money troubles. If you or your date is not feeling well, how can you expect a wonderful date, right?

And if you just got fired or are worried about not having enough money to pay for dessert, then you can very well expect an awkward date.

Studies also show that family concerns can prevent a person from enjoying a night with a date. When your heart and mind is just not in the date, don’t be embarrassed to take your date home and ask for another one next time.

And for ladies, just feign a headache and head home immediately.

Dates can be wonderful, especially if it is going the right direction. The main purpose of having dates is to get to know the other person and have as much fun as you can. So try these tips to ward off any awkwardness and have a great time with your date.

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