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7 Valuable Tips To Start A Conversation With The Woman You Admire

One of the hardest things to overcome when meeting a woman is how to talk to her. Most guys don’t consider this problem very seriously until they’re faced with a situation where they like to talk to a woman they’re attracted to.

It’s true that self-confidence will help you approach her. But how do you start a conversation with her that can last for minutes to hours?

In this post, you’ll discover some of the effective ways on how to talk to a woman you really like. Knowing them all will increase your chances of winning her heart. Keep in mind that ladies like a guy who can talk, not just about his feelings, but also of other things in life.

1. Know her interests

You can talk to her friends and find out more about her. If you have a Facebook and she’s on your friend’s list, then go and take a look at her profile. Read her likes and dislikes.

You’ll discover more of her interests by browsing through her photos. Does she frequently post pictures about food? Then, she’s probably a foodie.

Does she have photos about her adventure trips in Hawaii, Malibu and somewhere else? Then, go and read more about those places.

These things will help you start a conversation that won’t bore her.

2. Don’t stay on one topic

If you’ve brought up a topic that you think she doesn’t understand or can’t relate to, then you better drop it and move on to another subject. Even if the two of you are discussing about her likes, she’ll soon get bored when the conversation doesn’t tackle other things.

You should learn how to shift focus. Let her feel that you know more than just her likes. In this way, you’ll have something more to talk about other than her trips to France or Egypt.

3. Let her do most of the talking and don’t brag

It’s okay to talk about your recent achievements but don’t do it just to impress her. This is because bragging only pushes her away as you’re only making her feel that she’s out of your league.

Instead of discussing your interests and achievements, allow her to share what she’s been up to. In this way, she’ll do most of the talking while you’re there listening and feeding her topics to get her to talk and share more.

4. Ask her interesting questions

Although it’s not easy to ask questions that can tickle her mind, you must try hard. The more you try, the better you’ll be able to make her talk to you.

One of the interesting questions you can ask is to know about how she got involved in what she’s doing. This will give her the chance to open up and tell her stories.

5. Compliment her

While approaching her, you can say something about her eyes or dress. But don’t overdo it and go down to complimenting her lips or hair. This will make her feel awkward while talking to you causing her to push away. For most women, one compliment is enough to open up.

6. Play a game

You can get her attention by asking her to play fun little games with you. To help you find the right game that you can try, you can look it up on the Internet. It doesn’t have to be a serious game. But it must be something that’ll lock her into a conversation with you.

7. Ask her opinion

This is one of the most effective, proven ways to help you talk to a girl. Make sure that it’s a topic that she likes to talk of, such as relationship, celebrity gossip and fashion. When asking her opinion, you must make it sound like you’re really interested in what she’s about to say. If it’s too interesting for her, she’ll surely jump into a conversation with you.

Women can be difficult to talk to as they’ve a lot of things in their head. However, when you study these tips and practice them, you’ll realize that it’s now easier for you to start a conversation with her even if she’s not in a good mood to talk to you.

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