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8 Subtle Yet Effective Ways To Attract Your Crush

Just because you’re not as pretty as Jennifer Lawrence or you don’t have a supermodel-body like Gisele Bundchen doesn’t mean you can’t attract the man you’re very much attracted to since the day you’ve seen him.

You can wear a sexy top and killer pair of heels all you want. However, some guys are just too difficult to spell. Although they like you, they don’t show it because they fear of rejection.

Here’s a list of tips that you can do to help you get noticed by your long-time crush. With these techniques, there’s no need for you to wait forever before he’ll know that you exist in this world. By following them properly, you’ll be able to attract him and make him crazy about you as if you’re as beautiful and sexy as Scarlett Johansson.

1. Make an eye contact

Having eye contact with the person you like is very important as it increases the attraction level between you two. When he’s talking to you, make sure that you make consistent eye contact. It must be genuine so he’ll know you’re indeed listening to what he’s saying.

2. Pair it with your best smile

An eye contact will help you get noticed. However, putting a smile combination will further increase your success rate to 60%. It only proves that your smile is more effective in attracting a guy than putting on makeup or styling your hair for hours. If you do smile, you must only smile at him and not with other guys around you.

3. Take advantage of lighting

Several studies showed that men found women to be very attractive when their eyes were dilated. Your eye pupils will dilate while you’re in a dimly lit place. So, if you’re going on a date with a guy you’ve feelings for, then you have to choose a place where there’s dim lighting. This will help you appear more attractive.

4. Flaunt your neck and shoulders

Although men are visual creatures, they like women who want to show their body discreetly. If you want to convince that guy to approach you, then you’ll need to be more discreet in showing off your body by going for body-skimming halter.

Men are also attracted to the neck dimple of women, which is found beneath your throat and your clavicle. Use it to your advantage by wearing eye-catching necklace. Men find this area alluring as it represents vulnerability and femininity.

5. Compliment him

Men like to be complimented either for the things they do or for the clothes they wear. If you like his shirt, tell him where he got it. Make him feel that he made the right choice of selecting such clothing.

6. Mimic his gestures

Mirroring his gestures will have a subconscious effect on him making him more interested in you. However, you shouldn’t mimic everything. But try crossing your legs when he does. It’ll give him an idea that you’re paying attention to his actions.

7. Wear sweet perfume

It’s only useful in making you smell wonderful but it’ll also make him remember you. This is especially true if you’re wearing a certain scent daily. He’ll be reminded of you when he smells that fragrance somewhere else.

8. Don’t play games with him

Men don’t like playing games. If you don’t text him back an hour after you received his message, he might think that you’re not interested. Playing hard to get doesn’t always work well with men.

It’s not really difficult to attract someone you’ve feelings for as men can easily take clues from your actions. Use the above-mentioned tips and be yourself. Guys like to impress women. And if you’re happy with their gestures, they’ll surely consider taking you out on a date.

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