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9 Warnings Signs A Player Doesn’t Want You To Know

A player is a few things. He’s the one who’s quick and dirty, just like a player in any game. He’s a type of man who cultivates as many relationships as he can all at once. When it comes to sex, he doesn’t care where he is as long as he can create options to make love with someone.

As soon as he spotted you and he thinks you’re interested, he’ll give you eye contact and the body language signs that he likes you. But does he really like you?

He has true intentions if he makes plans with you and follows it up. He’s a player if he cancels it. In this post, you’ll find out how to determine whether or not the person you’re dating with is a player.

1. Cancels your first date

This is because he doesn’t want to get to know you more. He cancels it out as he has other dates to attend to. A guy is really into you if he makes concrete plans with you and follows up. A player, on the other hand, is only interested in you when you’re around him.

2. Doesn’t introduce to his family and friends

You’re not on his number 1 list as he has many women on his list. If you’ve been dating a few months and he hasn’t introduced you to either his family or friends, then he’s surely a player.

3. Talks more about himself

A player wants to impress you. Thus, he’ll be talking more about his recent travels, amazing career, etc. He doesn’t like to know more about you. The only thing that he wants to know is if he could get you into bed with him.

4. Takes calls away

Unless it’s really important and confidential, a player always leaves your sight to take calls. He’s also a player if he ignores calls but keeps on checking his phone.

5. Avoids cuddling after sex

After he got what he wanted, i.e. sex, he’ll be fast and furious about leaving you. He doesn’t spend time asking if he did please you with his moves in bed. He’ll roll over and leave or sleep.

6. Pressures you for sex

As early as your date one, he’ll pressure you to have sex with him. He doesn’t care if you’re uncomfortable talking about it. What he wants to know if you also like to get into bed with him. If you don’t feel mutual attraction, then you could really say he’s a player. He doesn’t respect your feelings. A guy who’s really interested in you will respect your opinion and won’t force you to have sex with him if you’re not into it, yet.

7. Introduces you as a “friend”

You’re his friend with benefits if he introduces you as a friend and not his significant other. Even if he brings you flowers each time you see each other, a man who really likes you will call you his “girl” in front of many people.

8. Won’t call

He’s a real player if he doesn’t call you after you made love on your first date. Not calling you isn’t a sign that he’s shy. It only means that he has already gotten what he wanted from you, so why bother calling you?

9. Carries a condom at all times

Most men are sexually active but a player knows how to be prepared at all times. If he carries a condom in his pocket at all times, then it’s a sure sign he’s been with various partners and you’re just one of them. Watch out for these signs. If you can spot one or some of them from the person you’re currently dating, then stop and think before you develop deep feelings for him. Ignoring these signs will make you regret in the end. Men can be players in various ways. But a man who’s really interested in you will always check up on you just to hear the sound of your voice.

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