Ideas For Dating: Tips On Where To Go For A First Date

ideas for dating: tips on where to go for a first date

The first date can make or break a relationship.

The saying “first impressions last forever” wasn’t said because of it sounded great; it was quoted because it holds plenty of truth particularly when it comes to first dates and first interactions.

Thus, saying that the first date is important is actually a very big understatement. If you are serious with a prospective partner, the first date means everything in the world to you. You want to make it work. You want it to be romantic, memorable, unforgettable. You want everything to go as planned.

For this, you need dating ideas. In particular, you need inputs on where to go for a first date. You need to learn from what others have done and apply them to your own situation so you can floor your lady with the most romantic first date that she has ever been into.

Here are simple first date ideas that should help you get started on the right foot so you can worm your way into what is hopefully a long-term relationship.

1. Take her to a coffee place or a restaurant.

Now this may seem cliché and unoriginal but there’s a reason why movies keep coming back to dinner or coffee as a first date: you need a suitable ambiance enough that you can talk and get to know each other.

Now, why is this important?

Well, talking actually builds rapport. It forms the foundation of relationships. You need to know your common interests so you can plan your second and third dates accordingly. It allows you to find out what her pet peeves are so you can stay away from those.

Never dismiss the power of a good conversation as the best way to start a relationship, or nurture one.

2. Go for a walk or a romantic picnic in the park.

This achieves the same goals as dinner or coffee but in a more relaxed context. With dinners, you tend to be stiff and you have a relatively small environment to work with. Besides, when you become busy with eating, that awkward silence for a minute or two can be a deal-breaker.

A picnic or a walk in the park opens up your options. You see more things that can be conversation starters whenever you feel silence is becoming awkward. It also shows her that you have an eye for the peace and quiet and that you love to be outdoors.

A park affords you plenty of opportunities to mingle and get to know each other more without your date feeling like she is in a “controlled” environment. You want her to be at ease; you want her to want more. The soothing greens of a local park can help build that “comfortable” and “easy” connection.

3. Ask her if she plays any sport and find an activity that you can go together.

Just make sure you don’t suck at the sport she is good at or she’ll crush you!

Imagine dating Ronda Rousey and you asked her for an MMA match during your first date; or Maria Sharapova into a game of tennis?

A common sporting interest is great but keep it casual. Running is one great way of going out but make sure you don’t run too fast (or make sure you can keep up with her). Bowling is perhaps more doable if you want an indoor sporting activity. Pool or billiards is also a great idea. Biking is also definitely a must-consider activity. You can also row or kayak together.

There are so many things that you can do together to keep it casual and light. Just remember to train ahead so you don’t humiliate yourself. Likewise, make sure you reign in your competitive juices so you don’t turn her off with your dominating and competitive aura.

4. Enjoy a film or musical festival together. An art exhibit is also a great idea if you are both into it.

The idea here is to find a common interest but one that allows you to connect because you spend more time together. Typically first-time dates often last 2 to 3 hours tops. Wouldn’t it be great if she feels like she didn’t know where the time went to because she had such a great day?

Art exhibits, or music and movie festivals have a way of doing this. You can walk through gallery upon gallery of masterpieces and lose yourself visiting stalls and booths. It’s not for everyone but if you are with a person who enjoys these things as much as you do, it can be one of the greatest first dates that you’ll ever go to.

5. Go to a carnival.

A carnival is out in the open so she won’t feel like she’s in a controlled environment. It gives her plenty of options; just follow along and let her pick the rides. You can even win a stuffed toy for her if you know what you’re doing.

Find a local carnival or state fair and plan accordingly so you can have a great first date that will leave her wanting for more.

6. Learn to ice skate together.

If there’s a skating rink near where you are, that would be a great way to enjoy a first date. You can learn together, or she can kick your butt as you hold on to the rails and she flies through the ice like a ballerina. Either way, she’s sure to have a good time and you can’t ask for anything more than a first date.

7. Visit a planetarium.

Camping out and spending time stargazing would be better but since it’s the first date, camping out would seem a little too forward. Instead, go for the next best thing by visiting the local planetarium. There’s nothing better than looking up together and allowing the majesty of the skies to serenade your love.

8. Go to the zoo.

Is she into animals? If yes, then there is no better place to visit than the zoo. Do your research in advance by trying to learn as much as you can about the animals and impress her with what you know. Just make sure you’re researching off of the right website or else…

9. Spend some time at the beach or the lake.

You can kayak together or just sit by the water waiting for the sunset to come. There’s nothing more comforting than a lazy day at the beach and if you can spend it with a loved one, then all the better. Just make sure she doesn’t catch you ogling at the other girls or your relationship would be over before it even began.

10. Try out yoga.

She would have always wanted to try it but just can’t find the reason to actually do it. Be that reason! Enroll in one or two yoga sessions and find inner peace together. You can be confident it will be a first date to remember.

11. Visit a museum.

A museum is the perfect way to show that you are much deeper than what she may think. It speaks of sophistication, knowledge, and an appreciation for the ancient past. As usual, do your research and be prepared to impress her so you can win her attention right off the bat.

12. Cook for her.

Girls dig guys who can cook. It’s especially useful if you can cook delicious food, not instant food packets that you buy off of the supermarket and re-heat in a microwave oven.

After cooking, set-up a romantic candle-light dinner at a local place, or hill overlooking the town. She’ll be impressed by your culinary skills and your eye for the romantic. This option may take more effort than the others but it also beats all of the ones you’ve read thus far.

So, which one of these ideas caught your attention?

Or better yet, what’s the most memorable first date you’ve ever been on? How can you re-create that experience this time around?

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