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8 Signs That Can Tell You She’s Having An Affair

In every relationship, there’s an opportunity for your eyes to wander. No matter how loyal you are to your girlfriend, she may still cheat on you.

Yes, girls do cheat on their boyfriends. Remember how Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson and with whom? If this generation’s heartthrob has been cheated on, then there’s a big chance that your partner won’t remain faithful to you.

It’s sad but true. You must remember that there’s no such thing as perfect relationship. It only happens in fairytales, novels and movies. Even if you consider her as your universe, she might not consider you as her center of her world.

In this post, you will find a way to uncover whether or not your girlfriend is seeing someone else behind your back. Here’s a list of signs that can help you discover she’s having an affair.

1. Nervous leaving her phone unattended

Every person with a mobile phone receives text messages. But when your girlfriend doesn’t want to leave her phone unattended while you’re with her, it could be a warning sign he’s seeing someone else. You know that you’re dating a cheater when she giggles or blushes each time she receives a text message.

2. Does not hang out with your friends

Apart from distancing herself from your family, she also stops hanging out with your circle of friends. This is because she feels guilty about what she’s doing. By detaching herself from your common friends and family, she’ll feel less pain.

3. Nags about anything

She communicates with you properly. Then, all of a sudden she does nothing but nags. She’ll find an excuse to argue with you. She does this in order to rationalize her deed. It’s already a sign if she starts to have an argument with you over little things.

4. Looks more beautiful and sexier

Of course you like your girl to look her best. But when she suddenly goes out of her way to look even sexier and more beautiful, it’s a sure sign that she’s trying to impress someone—her new fling. She’ll wear sexy clothing that she hasn’t worn before. You’ll notice that she’s now fond of wearing jewelry or makeup.

5. Shift priorities

Now that she’s having romance with someone else, her daily priorities have been changed. All of a sudden, she can’t be with you on your Sunday dates. She’ll always cancel your dinner date as something comes up, according to her.

6. Reduces sex drive

She’s no longer interested in making love with you as she’s already engaged in sexual activities with that person. But be wary of this sign. Although it’s one of the most common telltale signs that your girl is a cheater, you should also consider that her low sex drive might be caused by a certain medical condition that she’s not telling you.

7. Does things on her own

In other words, she becomes independent. If you usually go out on Thursday to help her with grocery shopping and suddenly she does this on her own, then it’s a sign she no longer needs you. She wants you out of her life but doesn’t have the confidence to leave you.

8. Stops noticing you

Before, she likes complimenting your new hair or new clothes. Now, she doesn’t notice that you’ve bought a new pair of shoes. In other words, she no longer puts you as an important person in her list. Although these warning signs are useful to prove your suspicions, you need to remain a gentleman. Don’t rush into judgment. If you still love her, then make her realize that you’re more worth it than the person she’s cheating with. But if you can’t take the fact that she’s a cheater, then it’s better to leave her. You must gather all the facts first before you talk to her about her alleged affair.

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