The Road To Excellence: 17 Steps To Excel In Life

In your life right now, what are you currently striving for? Do you aim to achieve perfection, or are you working to achieve excellence? There is a significant difference between the two. While you may be aiming for perfection, you can remain paralyzed as you are too afraid of making mistakes if you do act. But if you aim for excellence, you’ll get down and dirty practicing and immersing yourself in continual learning as you strive not to be faultless, but to be a master in whatever field you do pursue.

If you want to achieve excellence, here are the 17 steps you need to take and imbibe as habits in your own life:

  1. Identify your values and what truly matters to you. Your core values will serve as your guide as to how you’ll go about your journey towards excellence and will realign you to the right path when things seem confusing.

  2. Be aware of your beliefs that hold you back from excelling in life. Sometimes conditioning in life can lead you to embody fears and insecurities that hinder you from fulfilling or maximizing your true potentials. Getting to know these limiting beliefs is the first step towards abolishing them.

  3. Define your goals. Before you can get anywhere worth going to, you will first need to identify where you want to steer your life and focus your energy to.

  4. Be immersed in what you are passionate about. Doing what you love will not only give you the enthusiasm and drive to persist towards achieving your goals, it will also make the journey feel more enjoyable and worth it for you.

  5. Identify a strategy or plan of action. Map out your blueprint for achieving excellence and success in life. Devise strategies to achieve your every objective, and see to it that all your objectives are aligned as much as possible to a clearly defined goal.

  6. Study the successful. Learn how the best of the best do it and what took them there, and take cues from them when it comes to establishing habits and strategies of your own.

  7. Wisely plan and allot your resources. If possible, commit resources that are more than what you need to achieve your objectives, and devise backup plans to acquire additional resources when necessary to ensure the attainment of your goals every time.

  8. Keep reading and never stop augmenting your knowledge. Striving for excellence means persisting in learning, especially as this is the Information Age and improving your knowhow on just about anything is now as easy as clicking on a few links and devoting time to understanding new concepts.

  9. Take initiative. Don’t wait to be ordered around with regard to what you should do. If you spot a problem area, research why it happened, learn how similar problems have been handled in the past, and offer concrete solutions to resolve it.

  10. Work hard and put in the effort to accomplish your goals. All the planning and strategizing in the world are in vain if you don’t actually lift a finger in turning those plans and goals into accomplishments and realities.

  11. Give more than what is required or expected of you. Exceeding standards and expectations is, in many instances, what separates the good from the great, the mediocre from the excellent.

  12. Make it a habit to follow through what you have begun. Don’t give up on a project just because your interest in it has already waned after a few days of working on it. In the road to excellence, persistence even on bad days is key.

  13. Maximize the use of all available tools and resources. Be mindful of the many ways you can use the same resources, and learn how to maximize the potential of each to help you in doing better work or improving your output.

  14. Actively solicit feedback and be open-minded when receiving it. Receiving feedback from others will allow you to see what you are doing well and where you might be able to improve on.

  15. Treat every instance or situation as a learning opportunity. Even problems, challenges and obstacles are opportunities for growth and stepping stones to excellence and success.

  16. Believe in your assigned mission or purpose in life and trust that what you do matters. Fostering this belief and continuing to trust in the value of what you do will motivate you to persist in giving your best every time.

  17. At the end of each day, face yourself in the mirror and ask, “Did I give my best today?” If you find yourself answering “yes,” identify what motivated you to do so and continue investing in it. If you find yourself answering “no,” don’t devote time wallowing in destructive self-pity and regret. Instead, explore the reasons why you failed to give your best and examine how you can avoid getting out of balance the next time.

Bear in mind that a life of excellence doesn’t just happen. It takes a conscious decision, an unwavering commitment, and a habit of giving your best every day to truly achieve excellence in life and to continue to maintain it throughout your existence. What you give to life, life gives back to you. If you strive for excellence, success, contentment and the fulfillment of your life purpose will be your ultimate rewards.

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